Fire-resistant products

Fire-resistant products

Fire resistance

EN 13501-2 is the European regulation that applies to fire resistance and the standard used for tests with ovens to expose the security door to rises in temperature in order to measure its resistance to fire is EN 1634-1. The classification to determine fire and smoke resistance is as follows:

E: Integrity. Or protection from the flame, is the value that checks that any gas that goes through the element has not enough thermal capacity to light up any other material situated on the opposite side.

El1: Thermal insulation. This is the protective capacity of the elements at specific temperatures produced by fire, gas or smoke on the side that is not exposed to the fire.

El2: Firewall thermal insulation. The resistance of an element against the attack of fire.

EW: Radiation level. Protection against fire, high temperature gas and smoke. This means the capacity of the construction products or building elements to support exposure to fire and reduce its transmission due to radiation, allowing the passing of a minimum thermal radiation.

Each one of these classes goes with a number that corresponds to the time (in minutes) during which they can resist fire during the corresponding resistance test.

Performance criteria Duration in minutes
E 15 20 30 45 60 90 120 180 240
El1 15 20 30 45 60 90 120 180 240
EI2 15 20 30 45 60 90 120 180 240
EW 20 30 60


Our fire-resistant products include slats filled with intumescent material, turning them into flame retardant for a certain amount of time.

Protect your home or business from fire

Although it may seem contradictory, in the event of a fire in buildings, it is always recommended to close doors and windows to prevent it from spreading throughout the building. For this reason, the doors, curtains or security shutters responsible for this task must have special resistance characteristics.

Elements that block fire

In the security sector, it is important to create compartmentalized buildings in order to ensure that, in case of fire, it will be confined to a restricted area, thus guaranteeing the security of people and avoiding its spreading throughout the building.

This is only possible with the use of elements that resist fire and comply with the requirements set forth in standard EN 13501-2, that determines the element’s capacity to stop the spreading of fire (E) and its capacity to support fire exposure (I).

In addition, standard EN 1634-1 foresees tests with ovens that may reach temperatures of up to 1,050ºC, locating the source of energy on the other side of the door and using temperature sensors to measure the temperature on the opposite side.

Rely on our certified products

Among our wide range of security elements, you will find fire-resistant products that comply with the European standards in force.

The DIAMOND series includes the model BL X-Treme Max, specially designed to support fire and high temperatures for 60 minutes (E60). This unique shutter not only resists fire, but is certified to most standards: bulletproof, wind resistance, blast resistance and burglary resistance. It is a complete coiling door that will protect whatever is located on the other side.

All our security joinery elements provide fire resistance to ensure the protection of any building in case of fire, creating barriers that will avoid the spreading and provide enough time for people to escape or find shelter.

In addition, our perimeter security elements have also undergone the most demanding fire tests to guarantee fire resistance inside and outside.

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions