An aluminium door that protects from burglary attempts

An aluminium door that protects from burglary attempts

CBX 50

RC2-RC3 burglar-proof armoured door

Our CBX 50 door is a customizable element that perfectly responds to your security needs. It is our basic model and our least expensive armoured door.

The CBX-50 door is made of aluminium, a material that is extremely resistant to outdoors conditions, making this door the perfect element for outdoors. In addition, aluminium is considered the most sustainable metallic element since it allows its never-ending recycling without compromising its performance. In fact, 75% of the aluminium manufactured in the world is constantly being reused. Thanks to the aluminium’s capacity to moulding and machining it can perfectly adapt to any project and design. It is a noble metal that can be used at temperatures close to absolute zero without losing its capacity.

The door is made up of aluminium with thermal insulation to guarantee a perfect performance, a perfect and elegant design and an affordable price.

Any CBX 50 model complies with European standard EN 14351-1 for windows, outdoor wicket doors. In addition, these doors offer a high thermal insulation, which translates into savings, preventing energy loss.

The door is particularly stable and robust due to its 90 mm depth and a material thickness of up to 3 mm. As standard characteristic, this door includes three sealing layers all along the side of the door, thus guaranteeing a high level of protection against wind and adverse weather conditions.

Fixed to the door’s panel there is a seal that drains the water out of the door’s frame, ensuring its impenetrability and guaranteeing the thermal insulation. Also, it includes a mounting slot to hide the frame’s screws, that is very easy to install.

Protection without renouncing design

Its thermal and protection characteristics do not translate into poorer design. With thermal insulation values (Ud) that may be under 1.0 W/m2K, the CBX 50 door offers protection without renouncing an attractive design.

The CBX 50 series provides an RC2 or RC3 burglar-proof protection level in compliance with regulation EN 1627:2011.

RC2 Opportunist burglars who try to break windows or doors (opened, closed or secured) with the use of physical force and simple tools like pliers.
RC3 Criminal thieves with superior skills and the use of more specialised tools, such as high-performance screwdrivers and more powerful crowbars.

Technology & Protection

Our CBX 50 offers protection and sustainability. It is a door with different levels or perimeter sealing to guarantee its watertightness and protection from cold, heat and noise, reducing heating costs and creating an efficient and green home. The door can support high and low temperatures and has been tested in extreme environments inside and outside of a climatic chamber.

Our 50 years of experience in the sector are printed in all our products, that perfectly combine protection, efficiency and design.

Some of the elements of the door are:

Safety latches: 2 retainers on top of the hinge prevent the door from being forced outward during burglary attempts.

Hinges (3): Possibility of three-dimension adjustment without removing the door. Has an elegant design and supports doors with leafs of up to 160 Kg. Choose the hinge model that best adapts to your project: standard or hidden.

Corner connector: extremely stable.

Lock plaques: very innovative and allow electrical door opening

Biometric systems: you can choose one of our different biometric entry systems for this model. Our hand-held transmitters include a bi-directional radio system (SOMloq2) that provides maximum security against hackers thanks to a 128 bits AES encoding. They resist shocks and have four commands.

Fingerprint scanner, code-reading… let our experts advise you and find the model that better adapts to you.

Accessibility for everyone

The exclusive system with adjustable joints makes this door the perfect element to ensure everyone’s accessibility since architectural barriers are eliminated when manufacturing a door without a threshold. It includes joints that enable the adjustment of the height to ensure there is no lost thermal insulation, obtained with three levels of perimeter sealing. This joint replaces the typical profile seals used in doors with threshold on the lower edge. The activating mechanism for the descent of the joint is located on the side of the hinges and, thanks to this, the joint is not damaged when opening and closing the door. The door may be accessed by anyone: older people, people with reduced mobility or with any other problem.

If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it

The biggest virtue of the CBX 50 series are the endless possibilities. You can have as many models as ideas. With or without glazing, with steel on the base, hidden leaf, etc. The equipment is 100% customizable:


The doors are available in almost any colour. You can choose from a wide chart of RAL colours and combine the door’s colours with those of your house or business. If you prefer a wooden effect, you also have a wide range of wooden tones (old wood, ash tree, light oak, rustic cherry-tree…) among which you can choose the one that suits you best.


The visible frame can be 42 or 94 mm thick, with triple thermal protection glazing. In addition, it offers the possibility of having an exterior or interior trimming.


You know the space available for the door and we offer you multiple possibilities. You can purchase a solid door without further decoration or pick side elements or skylights in different locations (on top, bottom, side, both sides…).


If you choose a door with glazing, you must know there are also multiple options for the glass (up to 14!). Get in touch with us and decide yourself what glass better adapts to your project: chinchilla, masterpoint, wood, satin…

Pull handles

Our CBX 50 series allows you to play around with the pull handles: bar handles (inclined, straight, with fingerprint scanner) or interior handle (standard, steel, plaque); you choose the model or system that best adapts to what you are looking for.


The door offers three different types of hinges: standard, sliding or hidden. The door’s leaf has an opening angle of up to 147º. The quality, design and level of protection are the same whichever the final model. You just need to decide on how you want the door to look like and we will take care of the rest.


What is physical security?

When developing complete security systems there is a combination of three different types of security: physical security, personal security and cybersecurity. The first one is made of those measures designed to prevent the unauthorized access to a premise, equipment or resource and to protect employees and property from being damaged. There are usually four main threats to physical security: burglary or intrusion, firearms, explosions and fire.

What is a biometric system?

Biometrics is a fingerprint, the facial features or the iris. Physiological biometrics are the most common in control systems in businesses (for instance, the fingerprint scanning). These systems allow the identification of a person through a unique and inimitable physiological element. The system identifies the physical characteristics through an electronic system.

What is the price of the CBX 50?

This is a recurring and complex question. Our range of doors is manufactured according to your needs and, therefore, the dimensions or characteristics of the same may vary and so can the price.

In CBX we study your project and prepare your quote with no additional cost. Contact us to know more.

What is a door’s leaf?

The leaf of the door is the moving part that opens and closes. It is where you find most part of the security elements to guarantee the door’s resistance.

Who takes care of the installation?

The installation of this type of certified doors must be performed by CBX professionals or authorized distributors. That is the only way to certify and guarantee the correct performance of the element.

Can the CBX 70 really protect me from external attacks?

The answer is clear: yes. Our armoured CBX 70 doors are a certified model, classified in compliance with regulation UNE-EN 1627:2011 against burglary and assault attempt. This retards the entry of the attackers, providing more time to take the necessary actions. This range of doors characterizes for being resistant to external attacks with manual and electrical tools such as levers, drills, etc.

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions