Protection against firearm attacks

Protection against firearm attacks

Bulletproof resistance

Whenever there is a firearm attack threat, the applicable regulation for certification tests is EN 1522:1999 for windows, doors and shutters and EN 1063:2001 for security glass. Regarding glazing testing, the acronym BR is used to establish the different categories, followed by the class number. For windows, doors and shutters, the acronym FB is used, also followed by a number to classify the protection level of its certification. The tests are done in real conditions and such tests are affected by multiple variables such as air temperature, the drift of the bullet or the barometric pressure.

The ballistic tests require the compliance with a fundamental obligation, nothing can perforate the tested element. This refers to the creation of a crack or opening on the opposite side of the tested element. Tests must be performed following specific conditions described in the regulations EN 1522:1999 and 1523:1999 and by authorized laboratories.

In the case of glass tests, they receive three impacts in the centre of the glass at a distance of approximately 5 to 10 meters from the target. These impacts are separated by a distance of 12 centimetres between each.

As a second step in the performance of the tests envisioned in regulations EN 1522:1999 and 1523:1999, the joinery around is checked for damages.

The aforementioned acronyms and security class (BR and FB) are followed by a suffix: S or NS, that indicates whether splitting occurred (S) or not (NS) after the tests within the secured zone.

Therefore, based on all the previous elements, the classification is as follows:

Bulletproof classification according to EN 1522:1999


Bullet resistance class Weapon type Calibre Bullet type
FB1 Rifle 22 LR Lead / RN
FB2 Pistol 9 mm Luger Full Steel jacket with soft lead core / RN
FB3 Hand gun 357 Mag. Full Steel jacket with soft lead core / CB
FB4 Hand gun

357 Mag.

44 Rem. Mag.

Full Steel jacket with soft lead core / CB

Copper jacket with soft lead core / FN

FB5 Rifle 5,56 x 45 Copper jacket with Steel core and Steel penetrator / PB
FB6 Rifle 5,56 x 45 7.62 x 51

Copper jacket with Steel core and Steel penetrator / PB

Full Steel jacket with soft lead core / PB

FB7 Rifle 7.62 x 51 Copper jacket with steel hard core
FSG Hunting rifle 12/70 Brenneke

Protect your space from firearm attacks

Among our wide range of security elements, we provide shutters, doors, windows and joinery offering different levels of bulletproof protection.

The DIAMOND series have been subjected to the most demanding ballistic tests established by the European legislation and tested by an accredited independent laboratory. With the capacity of resisting the force of a 7,62×51 calibre (class FB6-NS), our DIAMOND shutters can support bullets from a rifle or an AK47 Kalashnikov. 

In addition, our glass elements have been tested in compliance with regulation EN 1063:2001 (for glass in the construction or security glazing). The test consists of three impacts directed at the centre of the tested glazing in order to check the intrinsic composition. 

50 years investing in technology

With five decades of work behind our backs, CBX Armoured Buildings guarantees the maximum quality of its products, manufactured with the most resistant materials and using the latest technology.

We specialize in the manufacturing of high-security doors, shutters, windows and joinery; and we develop customized projects for all types of projects, such as government buildings, airports, banks, shopping centres and logistics warehouses, jewellery shops, museums, embassies,  luxury villas, panic rooms, bunkers, etc.

Intelligent systems against firearms

Our door systems are exclusive and offer various levels of security. The extraordinary resistance of our systems guarantees maximum protection against ballistic attacks, even with the largest-calibre military weapons.

We apply years of research and development in our security elements to produce top-quality products that ensure the highest bulletproof protection and the durability and performance of our solutions.

Comprehensive bulletproof protection

Bulletproof shutters, doors, glazing and joinery

In addition to regulations 1522 and 1062, regulation EN 1522-1523 tests the joints between different elements with 3 shots at different points (the junction between the leaf and the doorsill, between glazing and leaf profile, between fixed frame and block frame, etc.).

Non-splitting elements

An important part of the tests performed in accordance with standards EN 1522, 1523 and 1062 is determining whether the bullets produce splitting on the protected surface. The letters S (splitting) and NS (non-splitting) provide the information on this matter.

This characteristic is particularly important when extra security is required on the other side of the element (the protected side), because of the usual presence of staff.

Our security elements offer FB4-S and FB6-NS class bulletproof protection. Whatever the kind of bulletproof resistance you require, we can provide the perfect security element to respond to your particular protection needs.

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions