Armoured doors for high-risk areas

Armoured doors for high-risk areas

CBX 70

Burglar proof and bulletproof armoured door

Our CBX 70 armoured door provides a good structure and resistance and its production is certified by AENOR, A2P and CNPP.

A door that can support attacks and offers maximum flexibility to allow its customization according to the needs and likes of each client.

The model is finished with an antioxidant primer coat in color RAL 7001 Grey.

The opening of the door can be inwards or outwards, the manufacturing material is sheet steel of 3 mm thick, it includes self-lubricating bearings, anti-extraction casement and inside filled with basaltic-rock wool.

You choose the level of burglary resistance (EN 1627) required for the project (from RC4 to RC6), as well as the ballistic protection (1522) (FB2-S, FB4-S or FB6-NS) and the fire resistance (EN 1634) (EI30 or EI60).

A multi-purpose door

RC4 to RC6 burglar proof armoured door

This armoured door is designed for security companies, armouries, banks, lottery shops, jewelleries, bunkers, military installations, etc. It can provide an RC4, RC5 or RC6 burglar proof protection level.



(EN 1627)



(EN 1628)


(EN 1629)

RC4 Experimented 1,000 kg Not required Heavy hammer, axe, wood chisel… (plus physical force and simple tools). 30 mins
RC5 Experimented 1,500 kg Not required All the above plus electrical tools (drill, angle grinder…) 40 mins
RC6 Experimented 1,500 kg Not required Above + sledgehammer, steel wedge, powerful electric tools (grinder, impact hammer) 50 mins

CBX 70 RC4 door

This model is made of 3 mm thick steel and holds stiffeners inside the door. To ensure its performance it includes security hinges to the door and the frame, with self-lubricated bearings to facilitate a 180º opening. The opening can be either to the outside or inside. The interior filling is made of basaltic-rock wool B.S.70 Euroclass: A1.

Both the door’s structure and the closing mechanism are specially designed to guarantee an RC4 burglar proof protection. This model includes a high-security lock certified in compliance with UNE EN 12209:2004:7 and has 7 locking latches of Ø 18. It also includes a European cylinder certified in compliance with UNE EN 1303:2006:6. In addition, it includes internal manganese armouring in the lock area.

This door includes an anti-oxidizing primer coat in the colour RAL 7001 grey. In addition, you have the possibility of including a series of options with this model:

  • Optical glass spyhole,
  • Spyhole with EN 356 (P7B) glass,
  • Door closing mechanism,
  • Perimeter intumescent seal, covered in PVC and self-adhesive with a 1/10 expansion capacity.


Model Dimensions (mm) Free passage Weight (Kg)
Height Width
CBX 70-F RC4 2130 995 2020 x 810 170


CBX 70 RC5 door

Ultra-secure solution for intrusion or burglary attempts. The door includes 8 latches and is certified to regulation EN 1627. The model offers different lock and latch options (standard or customized) according to the needs and likes of the client.

The perfect door to ensure protection in banks, shops, armouries, etc.

Both the door and its frame are manufactured from 3 mm steel sheet. Like with the previous model (RC4), the door includes security hinges welded to the door and frame and self-lubricated bearings. It has an anti-picking casement on the side of the door’s hinges (set in the frame) and basaltic-rock wool inside.

Its high-security lock is certified in accordance with UNE EN 12209:2004:7 and includes 7 locking latches of Ø 18 and a spring bolt. The cylinder is protected by an external protection.

The door’s finishing can be an anti-oxidizing primer coat in RAL 7001 grey.

In addition to the standard characteristics of this model, it offers a series of options to the choice of the client:

  • Installation on the frame of electric strike,
  • Perimeter intumescent seal,
  • Optical glass spyhole,
  • Spyhole with EN 356 glass.


Model Dimensions (mm) Free passage Weight (Kg)
Height Width
CBX 70-F RC5 2130 995 2020 x 810 270


Has the CBX 70 been tested and certified?

Yes. This door model is certified to burglar proof RC4 and RC5 in accordance with UNE EN 1627:2011. The test was carried out following the European regulation UNE EN 1628:2011.

Can you manufacture the CBX 70 door with two leaves?

This model is only available with one (interior or exterior opening, to the right or left). However, if your project requires a 2-leaf solution, contact our technical department and they will help you pick the product you need.

My project requires several doors with different characteristics. Can CBX advise me on the ideal solution for my project?

Yes. Our professional team can assess you and offer the solutions you need for each project. The location, degree of exposition to risk, usability, among other factors are of vital importance in order to choose the type of door, window or closing you need.

Can I pick the CBX 70 in different colours?

Of course. In addition to the standard lacquering, you can lacquer your security door in any of the RAL chart colours.

What is RC5?

RC5 is the classification number that designates a product that is burglar proof resistant in compliance with regulation EN 1627:2011 for doors, windows, façades and shutters. This classification goes from level RC1 to RC6. RC1 is the lowest level and refers to occasional thieves who use small and simple tools, as well as physical force; while RC6 is the highest level and refers to experimented thieves who don’t care about the noise or the time used to access the “prey” and use big tools like sledgehammers or very powerful electrical tools.

What is the warranty of the CBX 70 doors?

Our doors offer a 2-year manufacturing warranty as well as a 2-year installation warranty when the installation was performed by our experts. Remember such warranty is always subject to the maintenance of the door, therefore it is fundamental to follow the specialist’s instructions.

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions