Prevent theft and intrusion attempts

Prevent theft and intrusion attempts

Theft or burglary

Resistance to burglary or theft attempts is regulated by standard EN 1627:2011, that sets forth a series of laboratory tests to be performed in order to guarantee that the security element supports different types of stress and receive a class accordingly.

This classification goes from RC1 to RC6, depending on the tools used and on the type of burglr. According to the results of the static and dynamic tests, the resistance level is determined, as shown in the table below:


RC1 Occasional 300 kg 50 kg – 450 mm Small, simple tools and physical force. /
RC2 Occasional 300 kg 50 kg – 450 mm Like previous class plus simple tools like screwdriver or saw. 15 mins
RC3 Moderate 600 kg 50 kg – 750 mm The above plus additional tools (small hammer, screwdrivers, etc.). 20 mins
RC4 Experienced 1.000 kg Not required The above plus heavy hammer, axe, wood chisel… 30 mins
RC5 Experienced 1.500 kg Not required The above plus electric tools (drill, angle grinder…). 40 mins
RC6 Experienced 1.500 kg Not required The above plus powerful electric tools (sledgehammer, impact hammer, etc.). 50 mins


Regulation en 1627

There are three parameters to take into consideration when measuring or identifying the type of theft: the objective, the attacker and the means used. Based on these three parameters, the attack risk is measured. The crime typology is determined taking into consideration the attacker and whether it is a petty crime, professional crime or felony.

The elements undergo a series of tests to determine their burglar resistance that are developed in three steps: resistance to static pressure (the element is submitted to a force exerted by a machine in different sensitive points); resistance to dynamic pressure (a 50kg mass impacts three different points) and resistance to attempted manual robbery (the main element of this test are the means used to attempt the intrusion through a door, window or shutter).

The first three class levels (RC1 to RC3) refer to normal levels of attack and the protection elements used with this level usually are used in those places where the risk of manual aggression is high. The last three levels (RC4 to RC6) refer to superior levels of attack and the elements that respond to this level of security are required in those places were the risk of theft is high or very high (such as jewelleries, museums or banks).

Anti-intruder protection

Our systems are exclusively designed to prevent the most sophisticated intrusion attempts.

All security elements manufactured by CBX armoured building include anti-intruder protection (classes RC3, RC4, RC5 and RC6), according to the specific needs of each client.

The complete SECURBAIX series provides burglary resistance (class RC3 and RC4) and the DIAMOND range from CBX Armoured Buildings includes the highest levels of burglary resistance, combined with other types of protection (bulletproof, wind-proof, etc.).

Discover our joinery solutions and shield your building or space from any intruder and, if you require perimeter protection, our resistant perimeter elements will provide the added protection you require for your space.

Protection against vehicle ramming

We offer severely tested security systems against assault, leverage, ram-raid attacks, cutting and drilling with high-power cutting power tools…

Ramming attacks are often used by criminals or terrorists for different purposes. It consists of a vehicle deliberately “ramming” into a building, vehicle or group of people.

The use of vehicles as a weapon continues to be of interest by those wishing to cause harm. Attacks of this nature require minimal capability, but can have a devastating impact in crowded places with low levels of visible security.

Our doors, windows and joinery have been tested to provide maximum security against this particular way of intrusion, providing security to buildings and pedestrian areas.

In addition, by adding our different perimeter security elements you will ensure maximum protection of any area.

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions

Protect yourself with our maximum security solutions