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Burglary resistance EN 1522

Burglary Resistant

EN 1627

Bulletproof resistance EN 1522


EN 1522

Fire rated EN 1634

Fire rated

EN 1634

Explosion resistance EN 13123

Explosion resistant

EN 13123

Wind resistance EN 12424

Hurricane resistant

EN 12424

Innovation and excellence: Staying ahead of the competition

Our certified security shutters undergo rigorous testing to guarantee the highest level of protection against a wide range of threats. Our shutters excel in burglary resistance (EN 1627), bulletproof strength (EN 1522), fire resistance (EN 1634), hurricane resilience (EN 12424), and stand as the world’s sole EXR5 blast-proof certified shutter (EN 13123).

Experience you can trust

Boasting five decades of industry expertise, we have forged a renowned legacy of delivering unparalleled quality and service. Our steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence has positioned us as leaders in the field, earning the unwavering trust of customers worldwide.

Three different series

Multiple combinations

Securbaix Security Shutter

Stylish Shutters with High Security Features

CBX Security’s Securbaix Series offers a perfect combination of style and security, with shutters that are up to RC4 burglary resistance in compliance with standard EN 1627. These shutters come with blind slats or die-cut designs to enhance their elegance and make them a perfect fit for your home or business.

The Securbaix Series shutters are easy to operate and provide excellent protection against theft, vandalism, and other forms of unwanted intrusion. The series includes our thermic model, conceived to keep any interior warm and protected.

Inox Security Shutter

Strong and Secure Steel Shutters

The Epsilon stands as our steel fire champion, with the capability to withstand fires for durations ranging from 30 to 240 minutes.

The Epsilon Shutter can reach up to RC3 EN 1627, FB1 EN 1522, and E240 EN 1634 standards, depending on the model. Ideally designed for industrial premises were large opening dimensions are required, allowing the access of large vehicles or machinery. These shutters can perfectly adapt to other locations requiring high security and protection, such as banks, government buildings, and other high-risk areas.

Diamond Security Shutter

Unmatched Security with Maximum Protection

For individuals seeking the utmost security, CBX Security proudly presents the Diamond Series. Shutters meticulously engineered to achieve the highest security standards, encompassing RC6 EN 1627, FB6-NS EN 1522 (resistant to threats like the AK47), EXR5 13123, E60 1634, and Class 5 EN 12424.

Incorporating the world’s exclusive blast-proof shutter certified to withstand up to 20kg of TNT, our Diamond Series ensures maximum security against forced entry, ballistic assaults, and explosive threats. Built to endure harsh conditions, it offers robust, reliable security for any location.

Applications for all sectors

Institutional Buildings

Shops and Jewelry

Financial Entities


Security & Defense


Public accesses

International Organizations


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